CMS Dress Code


Student dress is an important part of school life. In keeping with the educational goals of our school, students are expected to look their best at all times, showing a sense of respect for themselves and their school. Dress should never distract from school activities or prove a hazard to the student’s safety or to the safety of others.

  1. Hats, caps, and other head coverings are not to be worn in school. Outlandish hairstyles such as Mohawks, hair covering eyes, etc. will not be allowed.

  2. See-through clothing, spaghetti straps, off the shoulder tops, visible bra or bra straps, slit skirts or clothes revealing the midriff, back, chest, or shoulders are not permitted. Tank tops cannot be worn alone as a shirt but may be worn under a school approved top. Shirts worn must not reveal cleavage.

  3. All shirts (tops), possessions, and school supplies will contain no profane, obscene slogans or images. All tops can be either crew neck (like a T-shirt) or with a collar. Shirts must have sleeves (no sleeveless shirts). Sleeveless blouses and dresses will be allowed for girls (This attire for girls must fit appropriately and provide full underarm coverage, a full shoulder line and a modest neckline, so that no undergarments or straps of any kind are visible at the shoulder nor when arms are raised). Students will be allowed to wear shirttails untucked so long as they fit near the top of the students’ pants pocket. Midriff shirts are allowed as long as an undershirt is worn to prevent such exposure. If any skin is revealed when arms are raised, a dress code violation will result.

  4. Jeans with holes or thread-bare jeans are acceptable as long as holes or frays are not more than 3 inches above the knee. Jeans and pants must not sag, bag, drag, or expose undergarments. Pants must fit at the waist and in the length with a finished hem, not-frayed.

  5. Shorts and Skirts must be no shorter than 3 inches above the knees and must be hemmed. (If in doubt, measure by having the student get on his/her knees and measure by placing the ruler on the floor and if above 3” from the floor it is too short!)

  6. Leggings or other form-fitting clothing such as jeggings, spandex, or tights may be worn with a dress or T-shirt. Tops worn with form fitted clothing must be fingertip length with arms straight and hands placed by your side.

  7. Students are not allowed to dress in full camouflage attire. Jackets should be worn in accordance with the expected weather and must be kept in lockers during the school day.

  8. Shoes must be worn at all times and shoes with shoestrings must be tied. Flip flops are allowed. If this becomes a safety concern or the flip-flops are not neat and appropriate for school, we will discontinue the wearing of flip-flops.

  9. Bandannas are prohibited (except on special dress-up days).

  10. Students shall not wear any clothing or accessories to clothing in a manner or fashion that shall be distracting to the educational setting. This includes, but is not limited to, such jewelry accessories or piercings of the nose, tongue, eyebrow, boy’s earrings, and chains. Sunglasses are not allowed.

  11. Students are prohibited from wearing any type of clothing, apparel, or accessory that denotes membership or affiliation with any gang or exclusive discriminatory group.

  12. Students are prohibited from writing on their skin and clothing.

  13. Students dressed inappropriately for school WILL NOT be allowed in class until they are in compliance with the dress code policy. Cumulative disciplinary action will be applied in the case of habitual violations of the dress code policy.

  14. The Principal or Designee shall be the final interpreter of the dress code. 

The student body will be advised of the dress code during the first few weeks of school. Appropriate measures will be taken to ensure compliance of the policy. Early morning detention, Saturday Seminar, and/or suspensions can result if a student fails to comply with school rules. Dress code violators will adhere to the school discipline policy. 

The intent of the Dress Code of CMS is to provide an atmosphere of appropriateness, respect, safety, and positive image, which is commensurate with a desirable school environment. Any manner of school dress not promoting the above will be subject to review.

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